Name: Blaze ( The Ashen Ram (Sheep))
Nickname: given by his contractor
Race/Species: Fire Spirit/Elemental
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi Switch with Sub lean
Profession: Summoning/ contactural spirit

Hair: Fluffy, slightly curly orange
Eyes: Toxic green
Skin: Ivory
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 100 lbs
Body Type: Slim, toned, small waist, ram horns and tail
Clothing Type: High collar, sleeveless and tight belly shirt with shorts and an almost half skirt type of thing. (outfit is more feminine, i have a similar example)

Positive Personality Traits: adventurous, loyal, brave, Prideful (Can also be negative), energetic,
Negative Personality Traits: bratty, confrontational, stubborn, impulsive
Likes: wam places, summer, cats, spicy food, fighting
Dislikes: water, winter/ the cold, overly sweet things, being told what to do
Fears: being forgotten

Abilities of any kind: Uses close to mid fire magic. Is great at hand to hand combat as well as mid range fire spells. His specialty is fighting and he has a tendency to seek fights for that reason. If need be he can make a war hammer from his flames but he doesnt use it often.
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