Name: Cerulia (The Tempest Angel)
Nickname: Given by Contractor
Race/Species: Wind/Air Spirit/ elemental
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: BI, Sub
Profession: contracted/summoned spirit/elemental

Hair: Silverish pink, long and soft
Eyes: bright pink
Skin: ivory
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 118
Body Type: Smaller chest, slim all around, soft thighs though, soft white wings
Clothing Type: flowy light colored dresses alternating between long or short depending on what she is doing.

Positive Personality Traits: Adaptable, loyal, calm, clear-headed, Elegant, Optimistic, pure
Negative Personality Traits: Dependent, more on the delicate side, disorganized, easily discouraged.
Likes: music, flying, high places, birds, singing, the mountains, learning new things
Dislikes: salty foods, staying grounded too long, being yelled at, lots of blood
Fears: Being used as just a tool

Abilities of any kind: Wind magic is her specialty. She is a mid to ranged fighter using fans that she is very good with. She is not good at hand to hand and could get really hurt in an up close battle. Luckily her wind usually keeps them from getting too close.
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