Silas Ravengory

Name: Silas Ravengory
Nickname: Si,
Race/Species: Human?
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi, Dominant
Profession: Ex-Adventurer/ Guild Investigator (Guild investigators are ex-adventurers who now work for the guild doing different more dangerous tasks. They investigate claims sent to the guild ie. increase in monsters, new dungeon appearances, if a quest is valid etc. They also are sent to finish quests where adventurers have struggled with. Lastly they are dispatched when an adventurer commits a crime or goes rogue, they are who is sent to make the arrest.)

Hair: Semi-long, greyish black, shaggy.
Eyes: Vibrant Gold
Skin: Extremely pale.
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 182 lbs
Body Type: Toned but not overly muscular, trimmed waist and strong legs and arms.
Clothing Type: at work he wears a tunic, a vest with the guild insignia, boots, gloves, and slacks. (his adventurer armor is hard to describe but i have a picture, same with his work clothes)

Positive Personality Traits: Organized, mostly honorable, loyal, logical, methodical, observant, protective
Negative Personality Traits: blunt, could be possessive, aloof, somewhat cold, dense, workaholic
Likes: training, reading, the quiet, naps, work, meats
Dislikes: swimming, overly sweet food, obnoxious people, incompetence
Fears: losing sight of his ideals

Abilities of any kind: His specialties in magic would be dark magic along with some blood magic. His blood is unique as it has a golden color though he has no clue why. His weapons of choice would be either a large scythe or two smaller chain scythes.
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