(cannon) character: Kyoya Ootori

( i adjusted this character, but he is based off of the character Kyoya Ootori from the anime series Ouron High school Host Club.)
Gender: Male
height: 5'11
Sexuality: Bi (dom)
Appearance: short black hair which is parted perfectly, brownish grey eyes, tall and slim, wears glasses, his glasses show his emotions quite frequently based on how he is playing with them, For example, when he pushes them up he is usually clarifying that he has an idea.

Personality: Highly intelligent and comes from a wealthy family, he is expected to be the best, and that is what he has become. He is kind and self assured. He deals with many situations in a professional manner, yet he can be extremely immature at times. as far as his intelligence goes, it is rare for him to be showing arrogance even though he is extremely good at everything he does. However, he is exceptionally good at using his intelligence and skills to get what ever it is he wants. he inst usually an angry person, but if he is woken up from his sleep he will be extremely irritable and is scary to be around. no matter what he is extremely adorable and is a complete lady magnet whether he likes it or not.

Likes: studying, financial stuff, spending time with friends, cakes, spending time at his families private island, and giving attention to people he is attracted too ( which is not a common thing), he loves his sleep

dislikes: people who disrespect him, things that dont go his way ( yet he hides it well.
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