Character: Sabastion Thomas

age: 19
gender: male
height: 6 ft
sexuality: gay(still in the closet)
appearance: shaggy blue hair, blue eyes, thin face, super pale skin, nice moderately muscular body, thin and commonly referred to as sexy(hes a chick magnet)

personality: loves basketball and is pretty popular among the girls, he's at the top of his class, however he carries himself like he could care less about anything that happens. people who see I'm instantly label him as a nobody with nothing special to offer.hes really nice and a major flirt, although he seems to give 0 sh*ts about anything, he's actually really intune with reality and secretly puts alot of effort in to everything he does whether it's school work, art, or making people smile.

likes: basketball, hanging out with his buddy, and going for jogs

dislikes: teachers, and people who doubt him.
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