(The Seth –– Ryuji Yamazaki feud)

(Just an addendum. This is not canonical: it was all written and created by me from head to toe)
-- Idea for script 1 --

The fight between Ryuji Yamazaki and Seth started when Seth was shot long-range 5 times inside his own gym in 2005. While in prison, Seth claimed that Yamazaki knew everything but didn't warn him the day before, that he was extremely truthful and even because the first subject he brought up with him in exactly 1 day after the accident had been about some parts of "cowardly people who cause shootings out there." In 2007, Ryuji Yamazaki released the following lyric in his theme song "Summoning of a New Soul'' where many people think that by 2 and 53 to 54 minutes the ex-serial killer indirectly mocks the shots that targeted Seth 3 years later, as if it wasn't him (the real Yamazaki he met), and saying that Seth was already thinking he was a Matrix (that he could dodge the bullets; normally, dodge the semi-impossible), that he would be in a blind rage, to the point of judging his own ex-friend (an ex-training partner as well) of something he hadn't done.

Right after getting out of jail on bail accompanied by the judge's parole alleging that they were both just in defense, he responds to such a moment with that phrase that became the most famous diss in KOF history: "What doesn't just kill me strengthens me. The only thing you do is grow on my back." Even later, in several interviews, Seth always has one thing in common: claiming that the reason for Yamazaki's success had been him. Seth had been arrested after destroying a BMW X15 that had run over his son, and injuring the driver who chose not to reveal his name, with a crowbar in his calf. Seth would get a seven and a half month sentence, until the 5th month, K'Dash, his son, released him.

So it all became pretty much a division of sides by category, since then the Grapplers having Seth Dash as their main center against the Strikers being the main center Ryuji Yamazaki. Not every fighter chooses his side and prefer to create their own, just private. However, if you enter any of these categories you can't leave anymore, so we've come to understand some go and ignore.
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