His family came from an old mine city, the problem there was that the whole place was corrupted and nimox, even more children nimox, got ill. As known his father became a companion of the Volp to try to heal at least him but things went bad.
The illness causes him to be weak and he started to have some white moles. The luck was that surprisingly when he arrived at Woodland Cascades the situation didn't get worse.

It's evening and he went out to explore the city a little.
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ZhuShen «Th… Imperial Palace…? That sounds bad…» He doesn't even know why, it's just that if it has Imperial in the name, it can't be good.
«Anything that implies leaving this city sounds good to me.» But it may not satisfy Ti'un.
«You plan to meet Imperial people? But why, I really can't fathom why…» He already had to meet those scary people of Cloud Recesses!!
Yezi "In the countryside...some very traditional houses, animals, not crowded stands...
It is guarded but it is not that they kill on sight if someone approaches. People do it often.
We should have started with a smaller place. I brought you in the most crowded city in Xuanghen..." He scratches his head.
Humbug °What is wrong with the city?
Master WonPil is from Shiiruang too and he is a really good person so I want to know more.
Some good food?
Aniyo this place is amazing you made the right choice in bringing us here! But I would like some food too°
ZhuShen «Does not countryside sound lovely to you?» Not that he wouldn't find something to complain about, even there.
«People are so heavily armed everywhere here… how violent can people be…»
He sighs. «He is the son of our Clan Leader, of course he is not like all these people, regardless he lives among them.»
He is defeated.
Yezi "You want to eat here too?" He looks at ZhuShen. "Villages have some food stands too.
Here, a lot...with so many people, there is also a lot of crime." Probably he shouldn't have said :v
"I really am not like them, if I think about it..." Since he wants to be a good boy.