Mother Dearest pays a visit... (Open rp)

The final bell rang it was the now the final day for the students in Mystic Falls High School and they were so excited to be going on winter break as the students left the school the ginger haired girl waved to her friends before she walked home " text me later guys! " she called out to her friends she was going her normal way home all alone! She felt a little off after a few moments of walking the same direction she always took like something was following her it was like her subconscious was trying to tell her something bad was going to happen and yet she ignored it when she saw nothing she got closer and closer to a dark alley just as she was just about to cross it someone grabbed her by her hair and covered her mouth so she couldn't scream there was silence after a loud thunk out of the shadows of this alley a moment later walked out Lillian Salvatore she had blood on her lips having just killed the girl with no remorse she was a ripper she makes her way to the Salvatore mansion to see her son's considering she had not seen them since Stefan and Damon were just children Stefan and Damon had been under the impression their mother had died many many many years ago and had no idea she was still alive in fact the Salvatore's at that moment were hosting a thankgiving dinner he invited all and in the holiday spirit stefan even invited Kai to have dinner to push all what was done in the past this was time to start new make mends Damon wasn't fond with that idea that Stefan invited a murderous sociopath to the party but hell what was new. As some of the people to come to the the door was open for anyone to walk right in as everyone who was already there was drinking or munching on something Lily walked in unannounced and said to the crowd of people. " Hello my son " Stefan immediately looked up as he had been in mid conversation when he heard a familiar voice Damon had just left into the other room to get some more vodka for thr party that was in the room when he walked in and saw who it was he literally dropped the bottle the vodka bottle immediately shattered on the floor he didn't even flinch and Damon said " Your supposed to be dead?! " Stefan was stunned silent for a moment there he didn't know how to react seeing his mother there. She walked in picking up one of the champagne glasses and took a slow sip and walked to Damon " well aren't you as well? - Stefan shook his head immediately chimmed in " what are you doing here? " she looked at Stefan " it's Thanksgiving of course I wanted to spend time with my family " she went to stroke Stefan's cheek he grabbed her wrist to stop her and glared into her eyes " cut the crap you made us think you have been dead for 160 years and you really expect us to welcome you with open arms ? " his jaw was clenched he wanted to say more but he held his anger back he let her wrist go " I think you should leave " Stefan said coldly to his mother she got all teary eyed but he did not care she walked out when she was gone Stefan apologized to all who had to see the unessary drama he let a sigh and walked away he needed to get some fresh air cool down a bit before.
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