BREAKING #1: Lee Yuna's stage incident.


Article written 11/24/2021, published 11/25/2021

TRIGGER WARNING: implied sui**** attempt

Fans all around the world were shocked when Lee Yuna fell five feet from the stage during Etern1ty’s live recording of their concert. She was immediately rushed to Seoul National University Hospital and the broadcast was cut off without a single word from her shocked bandmates. There hasn’t been any updates from the hospital itself just yet, but everyone is anxiously praying for an easy recovery.

However, netizens have been speculating that this fall wasn’t as much of an accident as it seems. Before the actual concert, some of the members took to social media to post videos backstage. Leader Yumi was one of the members, she actually started a brief livestream about 25 minutes before the concert, where she was seen running around backstage, teasing the rest of the members. However when it came to trying to find Yuna, crying could be heard in the background, and Yumi looked concerned for a moment, before going back to hanging out with Chihiro and Sora. However, as she turned away fans spotted Yuna sitting on the floor with her head on her knees, shaking. Fans continued to ask, but Yumi only smiled and said “Yuna is just having a bad day, she’ll be okay. She gets happier after performing.”

This led fans to wonder what happened and started to look into Yuna’s relationship. Earlier this month, Yuna announced her official relationship with CEO Park Daehyun, the two seemed to be extremely happy, but fans slowly started to notice the updates between the two of them got less and less, leading everyone to wonder: What happened? Did they break up?

Fans are putting pieces of this story together and coming up with their own theories, the most popular one is that Yuna and Park Daehyun broke up, and Yuna planned to jump from the stage before the concert. Some fans say maybe she wanted to, but changed her mind when it was too late and slipped. A select few say she couldn’t see because there were still tears in her eyes and she fell, and an even smaller group of fans say that it was merely an accident and the stage must have been slippery. Whatever the case is, we are hoping to know the truth soon.
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