Code of Conduct

Please follow these simple rules and everything will be fine.

1. No text talk, I want real words.

2. I RP in 1st person, don’t try to make me change, I won’t.

3. Give me basic respect, and I’ll do the same. I can be your best friend easily if I’m shown genuine respect and care.

4. I won’t tolerate hateful people, and I’m vindictive, I will make sure to spread the word of toxic people. Please don’t be toxic.

5. I don’t deal with ghosts, I’ll give two weeks before checking up on you, if you’re still ignoring me, and I’ll know as this site tells when people are online, I’ll just delete you. I refuse to be a number.

6. I sometimes forget I’m logged in, please be patient, I always reply when able to.

7. I’m here as Hexadecimal, it’s very obvious, so please don’t try to make me be someone not even related to the show. I can easily do the other characters, but she is the main.

8. I will almost always offer to start, if you have a problem with my starter, or anything in general with my replies, TALK TO ME! Don’t ignore or delete me, talk to me.

9. Adults only, so only 18 and up.

10. No unsolicited XXX gifs. Under no circumstances will this be acceptable. Have some dignity!

If you’ve read it all and agree, please heart and comment with: ‘To mend and defend!’.
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6 | Nov 25th 2021 11:00
Lobo_Demon To mend and defend!