Constantine La'Rose

Place of Origin: Earth
Species: Ghost
Year of Birth: 1995
Year of Death: 2014
Physical / Mental Age: Nineteen

Status: Comatose
Cause of Status: Attempted Murder
Family Status: Living
Power{s}: Possession, Phasing, Projection, Weather Manipulation, Temporal Shift, Vinery


Constantine was born into a wealthy family on one of the many Earths out there in the multiverses. When he was born it was later found out, approximately two years later, that the boy was born mute. The boy’s disability had been discovered when the issue of the baby boy being silent even as he cried for his needs were presented to his parents. They, of course being concerned for their child, took him to be examined by the family doctor. The doctor revealed that their child was indeed mute. Shock and grief soon surged through Constantine’s parents along with the maids and nannies who took care of him.
After this discovery had been made Constantine’s parents began to debate whether or not to send him to a private school. They, having been through the experience of private schools themselves, knew all too well what other students and teachers would put him through. They thought of the possibility of sending him to a public school where he’d have a better chance at friends and help or to just be homeschooled entirely. Although at the same time they didn’t want to take away what chances he would want and be able to achieve, so they didn’t decide and waited for their boy to turn five to decide. Once he had turned five he initially chose on being homeschooled, as it was far more familiar and he was a rather shy lad while younger. Home was familiar and he wouldn’t have to go out of his way to make people understand his thoughts and opinions, so, he was homeschooled for a total of eight years until he decided against his previous decision. He had grown lonely and wanted more interaction outside of his family, the maids, nannies, and family friends. He needed friends and peers not only for the yearn of brand new faces but also for the fact that he knew he needed to come out of his shell. His parents of course agreed and began to prepare their beloved boy to be sent to a public school. The maids began to buy the things he’d need for classes while his parents contacted the nearest, and best, public school to inform the headmaster about Constantine’s special needs. It took a month before he was able to go to said public school though. The staff needed to prepare for his special needs, his schedule, and ETC.

On December 1, 2001, Constantine was driven to school and guided through the school with his father. It being his first day in a public school Constantine needed to be told how things within a school worked compared to homeschool and his father needed to be told how he would be accommodated due to his special needs. Once the tour and explanation was over Constantine was escorted to his homeroom, after which he was introduced to the class. The other students in the class were informed about his condition since birth and that despite it he should be treated as a normal boy of their age. The class after being informed of his condition began to ask questions about how he was able to communicate and how having the disability affected his life compared to others. As Constantine answered, in sign language, the Special Needs teacher that would supervise the class with his homeroom teacher translated for him as none of the other students understood sign language.

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