Starter / Plot ideas!

I have a few ideas for now, and I'll update this post in the future as more ideas come to me. I will also make note using the [ # ] before every idea how many times I have tried the specific idea so that you can get an idea of what I have and haven't tried yet!

Of course these are not the only things that I want to do. This are purely my own ideas, so please, if you have some of your own, don't hesitate to tell me about them! Please keep in mind that these ideas are all based around/considering Ellouise's backstory, so make sure you're up-to-date on that before we begin discussing a plot. Thankyou!

[ 0 ] ~ 1. Your character hires Elle for her services. This may be for physical pleasure, emotional comfort, as company at an event, etc.

[ 0 ] ~ 2. Elle is your character's roommate or neighbour. They interact quite frequently, and develop a friendship that leads to a romantic relationship.

[ 0 ] ~ 3. In a high school setting, before or after the disappearance and murder of her friend, that is up to you, Elle interacts with your character, either at a party, through classes, during the investigation, etc.

[ 0 ] ~ 4. Something Mafia based. I don't have a specific idea for this one yet, but I'd love to try something with that focus.
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1 | Nov 25th 2021 09:04