y o r u.☆ || "was my act good?"

note ;; meet yoru, the second member from "assassination project"! time to make him a two-faced lad... >:)


name ; yoru harumaki.
age ; 23.
gender ; male.
prns ; he/him.
occupation ; actor + assassin.
height ; 178.9 cm.
weight ; 143 lbs.
sexuality ; homosexual, demisexual.
personality ; though the lad may look like a kind person at first glance, but he is actually a self-centered male who has a soft spot for cute things. he is a great actor and can pull of any act someone requests. the lad is quite two-faced actually. to strangers, he'll act like an innocent and clueless lad, but with close friends and members from the company, he acts like a brat. well, sort of... he gets angry quite easily but he tries to hold it in so that they won't get mad at him back. he can't defend himself, both physically and mentally. he can insult you, yeah, but once you insult him back he'll shut up and apologize a few minutes later.
likes ; receiving presents, meat, praises about his act, cute and small things & fashion.
dislikes ; pumpkins, holloween & children.
backstory ; [under construction...]
extra ; i dunno... switch maybe?
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