c h e s t e r.☆

ps ;; i... im too lazy rn. i have no motivation or whatsoever to make his backstory. this is probably my most lazy info ever.


name ; chester.
age ; unknown.
gender ; demi-boy.
prns ; he/him, they/them.
height ; 179 cm.
weight ; 135 lbs.
sexuality ; homosexual.
personality ; stubborn and quite a drunkard, chester can be described as a very... interesting character, to say the least. he isn't fond of humans but regularly visits the human world just to go to bars where he could order drinks and get drunk. as mentioned above, he is very stubborn, but if you offer him something he finds interesting, then he might just accept it (especially if it was beer or wine.). he is quite fond of tall lads and acts less stubborn than usual. he can be quite intimidating when meeting new people, but once he opens up to you, he'll act like a different person. he is less intimidating and more kind and considerate. :) he'll also be more open about his feelings if you get even closer to him.
likes ; beer, wine, tall men, pretty sceneries & flowers.
dislikes ; humans, sudden phone calls & children.
hobbies ; drinking beer or wine.
backstory ; [under construction.... again.]
his role if i ever use him for erp ; sub (?)
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