Yuno Physacles

Name: Yuno Physacles
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
Sex: Male
Body Build: skinny but toned
Weight: 5'7
Height: 131 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Eye colour: Red with hints of orange
Hair colour/texture: straight black hair with messy layers
Skin tone: Fair with a warm undertone
Birthmarks: Some moles on his chest and back
Scars: All over his wrists
Tattoos: sleeves full of roses and skulls
Piercings: multiple piercings in both ears
(Image below, not sure if it works.)

Personality: Unstable, Cold, Extraverted, hot headed, emotional, Narcissistic and unpredictable
Occupation: Digital artist
Hobbies: Drawing, writing poems and making people feel miserable
Interests: Poems, art, piercings, fashion and people that have something against him
Relationship: single
Fears: Abandonment, heights, Fire and public transport
Notable details: Yuno has a slight slouch in his posture, long sharp nails that are always painted black and red eyebags making him look like he was crying a few moments ago.

Physical statistics:

Theme song:
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