Please don't make a roleplay with me only focused on NSFW and romance, I simply do not enjoy it and I will let you hear it.
Smut and romance is accepted if it's properly developed in our storyline.

It sometimes takes me a few hours to respond to roleplays since my inbox is busy. I have a job that also ties in with my response times varying from a few hours to a few days.

I will not roleplay with or as real people (Faceclaim), it makes me uncomfortable, I don't care if you OC is some random pretty girl or boy off of the internet, I refuse to do it.

If you don't reply to my roleplay for a long time and don't leave a message, I will not be waiting for the response anymore, I will probably block you if I see you online constantly as I don't like being ignored, it's disrespectful.

I write multiple paragraphs, until the person I'm roleplaying with doesn't, then I will not put that much work in it either.
If we do a roleplay with lots of paragraphs and I send a slightly shorter one, I will always apologise with the reason behind it.

Don't spam my inbox or page, you will be blocked.

Romance in roleplays are in the roleplays only, I put no personal feelings into them, so don't expect more.

I'm human, I have feelings and limits, so please respect them.

I go along with a lot of kinks, but I do have limits. Make sure to discus them beforehand to see if I'm willing to participate.

For the love of god, don't send me inappropriate pictures or ask for them.

Breaking these rules will result to me blocking you without leaving a message explaining why.

Sometimes I leave this site on on the background and forget about it... So my apologies.
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14 | Nov 3rd 2021 09:36