✧ Yuki ✧

✧ Personal Data ✧
Name: Yuki Sato.
Age: 16-21.
Nationality: Not Identified.
Sex: Male.
Body Build: Athletic.
Weight: 65kg. (145lbs.)
Height: 167cm. ( 5'5".)
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual. (Adjustable.)

✧ Appearance ✧
Eye colour: Black/dark brown.
Hair colour/texture: His hair falls down just a bit under his jaw, it's usually unkempt. He has chestnut brown hair, he sometimes puts it in a small ponytail so his hair doesn't get in the way.
Skin tone: Slightly tanned.
Birthmarks: N/A.
Scars: On his chin, it's barely visible but it's still there.
Tattoos: N/A.
Piercings: Both ears.

✧ Life ✧
Personality: A very sweet and careful guy. He loves reading and especially studying. Whenever he sets his mind on something, he likes to see it exceed his expectations. Yuki also never gives up that easily, unless being put under severe pressure. He's terribly shy, but tries to hide it, and at the very most, usually isn't successful. Not to mention, he's an orphan.
Occupation: Student, otherwise an animal caretaker.
Hobbies: Exploring, reading.
Interests: Wildlife, anime, literature.
Allergies: N/A.
Relationship: Is currently with no one.
Enjoys: Playing with animals, learning new information from the net.
Hates: Sitting indoors.
Fears: Spiders, enclosed spaces, the dark.

✧ Family ✧
Parents: Both dead.
Siblings: Older brother, Hinata.
Other: N/A.

✧ More To Know ✧
Weakness: The dark, his timid personality, clumsiness.
Strengths: Quick thinking, good knowledge of things.
Bad habits: Usually spoils good books or shows.
Pet Peeves: Loud eaters.
Physical State: Completely healthy.
Scent: Sushi, tequila (although, he doesn't drink.)
Dreams: Learning more than he already knows.

Quote: "There's never a limit to knowledge. I want all of it, just like a king who desires riches." - Yuki.

✧ Brief Life History ✧
Yuki's parents, Haru and Lily, brutally stabbed and thrown off a cliff for illegal trading within the company they both organized. Yuki himself was sent to an orphanage where, unfortunately as life is, the kids did not accept him, and from time to time he would either get shoved into a locker, wardrobe, or out in the dark streets.
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