" don't you ever get the feeling

there might be something more out there? "

Vonna Steinne

Von, Vonny



Athletic but a little soft

Long, thick, wavy; brunette

{Skin pigment}
Light skinned with plenty of freckles to go around

Big, almond-shaped.

{Eye color}

Soft grunge, tomboyish with lots of baggy skater pants, flannels and combat boots

Septum and left eyebrow

None yet

Soft spoken, smooth and low for a woman

Fairly calm and nonjudgmental. Free-spirited and unafraid to speak her mind but it truly takes a lot to rub her the wrong way. For the most part she is laid-back. She's not exactly a social butterfly but she loathes solitude for long periods of time

Aspiring botanist. She is currently a traveling photographer documenting rare insects and flowers and lives in a van

Cooking, dancing, meditation, occasionally drawing little comics

✓Metal/alternative music
✓all animals, especially cows
✓cold/rainy weather
✓ scary movies and stories
✓ physical affection
✓ the woods

× being left alone for too long.
× being ignored
× when people talk over her
× rich people

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° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °
... coming soon ...
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