the one that dies first in horror movies

Myles Bloome

My, Myl

Can be male or female depending on RP. Default is female


Soft, semi-athletic

Short, black. Cut around her jawline with shaggy, choppy bangs falling around her eyes and cheeks

{Skin pigment}
Pale ivory


{Face shape}
Ovular but heart-shaped

{Eye color}
Dark brown

Soft grunge, tomboyish/androgynous

Septum, ears

A fox head smoking a cigarette on her left shoulder, a t-rex skull on her right wrist, a big sheet ghost on her inner left thigh and a black widow on the back of her neck

Soft and quiet

Confident and playful. She's a little shy towards strangers but opens up very quickly. She has a big heart with a forgiving nature and willingness to understand the misunderstood. She's very strong-willed and brave as well as a little hot headed

Horror podcaster/journalist. She travels, explores, and documents areas/landmarks/buildings with dark or supernatural pasts, sometimes monster/ghost hunting but usually just reporting how spooky the place is. She isn't afraid to travel alone, even in remote locations looking for folklore or just staying in supposedly "haunted" areas

Writing, poetry, researching homicide, folklore and the occult in search for new destinations, collecting things along the way

✓Metal music
✓ fishnets
✓ black overalls
✓ her black hiking boots
✓ physical affection
✓ horror movies
✓ adrenaline junkie
✓ spooky stuff

× big cities. She still goes for the famous haunted houses but she much prefers remote locations
× Being made fun of for her profession
× being told what to do

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