damsel in distress

" Oh dear...
it seems... you've caught me..."

The strange woman's smile grew horribly wide and her eyes rolled back to flash only the vacant, white sides of them. Shark eyes. The empty, white stare remained in place before her eyes finally rolled forward again. And when they did, they were a dark, piercing red. The woman who had seemed to frail and dainty before seemed to have a new, terrifying demeanor.

" ... What ever will I do? "

• • •

Ramona Valentina



Appears to be 21-22

Unknown. A shapeshifter of some kind. Predicted to be some sort of siren or ghoul
× slasher

{Sexual Orientation}


Slender and dainty in human form

Long, black, straight with layers and bangs framing her face

Almond-shaped, dark brown

{Skin tone}
Pale ivory

Russian and Slovak

{Clothing style}
Soft goth/alternative.

Many in her ears, one tongue piercing

{Body mods}
Split tongue

A large snake wrapping around her right thigh and lower torso. Centipede on her neck and an upside down bat across her shoulders on her back

Exotic dancer and thief

Singing, dancing, weightlifting (though you'd never guess from her small frame), and violently murdering potential rapists and murderers and stealing their money.

• rage strength
• can transform her body at will into a creature that looks like her but with sharp teeth, red eyes and pointed ears. Like a vampire that eats the flesh instead of blood
• unnaturally strong, though she pretends to be frail

"Oh, Bunny...

You weren't going to try and run, were you? Did you really think that was going to work? "

Ramona spends her spare time intentionally walking the streets alone at night. She leaves her cups purposely unattended at parties and deliberately sympathizes with anything any random creep might say to her. In a way, she makes herself "the perfect victim". She'll play along and dance the dance long enough to the point of physical violence and kidnapping, preferably when her attacker takes her somewhere more private...
She lets them play their game while she plays hers...
They'll have their fun...

And she'll wait until they're fully confident that things will play in their favor and that she'll do anything they ask. Then... While they're vulnerable... She transforms. She easily can break restraints and has the strength of several large men. Then, she usually overpowers them and dismembers them. Sometimes she eats them, other times the kill seems to be enough to strengthen her. She feeds off any form of violence, but she personally prefers to obtain that sort of energy through violent, vigilante acts such as her game of murder revenge.


She comes out off as sweet and dim-witted but her real personality is devilishly mischievous and loves a good challenge. She's a little short tempered but overall levelheaded
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