He sighed softly.
" Isn't there anyone else you can annoy?"

~ ~ ~

Danielle Lovace

Danny, Love

Can be male or female depending on RP. Default is male


Tall and slender, densely muscular

Long, black

{Skin pigment}
Pale, grayish. Completely unblemished

Almond-shaped, hooded and upturned. Usually rimmed with dark makeup

{Eye color}
Dark green, practically black

Soft grunge, favors hoodies and ripped jeans

Bridge, septum, lower labret and tongue

Too many to count

Deep and soft. He speaks quietly yet he's easy to hear

Seemingly nonchalant. The world will implode before he is ever bothered by a single thing. He seems incapable of feeling anger, but can be bluntly annoyed or unamused without remorse. He can be mischievous at times, and playful if he's comfortable with someone, but otherwise he's fairly mellow. Very protective over those he cares about

Aspiring horror novelist, currently working at a tattoo parlor and plays in a band as the drummer.

Writing, practicing instruments, going for runs, skateboarding, drawing new flash designs, reading, sometimes researching old folklore and the occult just for fun

✓Metal music
✓cold weather
✓ horror movies
✓ to be challenged
✓ he's curious about occult lore

× Overly loud/bubbly people. They wear him out.
× Bright, white lights
× Horses
× lavender
× being touched by strangers

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