× r u l e s ×

• both users and characters must be 18+. If you or any if your characters are a minor, I will not accept your request.

• No one liners. I value details and require a minimum of three sentences per response.

• This is an LGBTQ+ friendly zone. I can write as either male or female characters and they are open to any pairing.

• as you can probably tell from my profile, my preferred genres are horror and supernatural themes. Especially for the spooky season. Dark content is always welcome as well as romance

• I work long hours so sometimes responses might take a while

• I am incredibly open minded to any ideas you might have. However, I will NOT do anything that involves any of the following:
• pedophilia
• incest
• vore
• "big x tiny" theme
• scat/urine (any other bodily fluid is fine)
If you violate these limits you will be blocked immediately.

Anyways, I'm friendlier than I look. Hope to RP soon~
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8 | Oct 28th 2021 03:08