MC = My character
UC = Your character

Title: Rogue Auction (Modern/Fantasy)

The small city of Avarlost is known for its luxurious money making spools and methods, its main one being human trafficking and labour. For many years/centuries the city has been used as the main hosting of human auctions. From work force, to sex slaves, the city was the biggest underground hub for all sorts of auctions. Many people ended up sold here would be sold off by their own families, friends, relatives, you name it, everyone was betrayed by someone. UC was also betrayed. (You can fill in your own background details to fit the plot, your character, your choice of course.) UC would be taken down to the auction house and processed as normal, living a few days in the cellars until put up for auction as a sex slave. MC, a renowned character in the city and nearby towns and often attends these auctions, not for the people though. MC is an investor in the auctions however upon laying his eyes on UC he believes it might be time to change his morals and offer UC a new life. The plot can develop into a love relationship over-time. Its a plot based on non-con and. It can be played as a modern and a fantasy plot with human or mythological characters.

Title: Demonic Embrace (Fantasy)

MC is a powerful and renowned demon in the underworld who feeds off the lust of humans and other, weaker creatures. His tactics have been frowned upon in the world but his arrogance and sheer power strive him to push for more. UC (can be whatever you want your character to be) isn't as fortunate, living in a poorer area of a rich town, working a lower job and barely making a living for herself. One night MC appears in UC's home, offering her a very simple agreement. MC would be at her disposal, granting her an undisclosed amount of wishes, with a twist. For every wish she makes, she gives up her body to the demon, allowing him to sleep with her. The plot can develop into a love-relationship with both characters developing real feelings for another. The plot would include dark themes along the way but wouldn't be as focused on them. Can obviously include those if you prefer them though.

Title: The Hitman (Modern)

MC is a hitman in the underworld, killing for a living. One day MC receives a request from a private caller to make a hit on UC. (UC can be anyone you want again, just a normal person or a gang affiliate, whatever you fancy). After doing his research on the target MC has the hit ready, the moneys been paid, the plans been set up and everything is in motion. But before he could bring himself to kill the girl, MC confronts her and explains her the situation, given the scenario, he offers her to either flee with him and stay as his possession, coercing her into becoming a sexslave for him, or he could kill her and finish the job. The plot would be based around non-con, forced relationships and kidnapping but could go into a love-relationship as the plot builds up overtime, its more of a long-term build up.

Title: BDSM Introduction (Modern) (Stole this from someone else, credits to them.)

MC is a BDSM club owner. This plot is quite simple and self explanatory. UC decides to spice up her sex-life and spice things up. A friend of hers offers her a place in the BDSM club owned by MC. UC decides to join and one thing leads to another with MC and UC starting to talk. They go on further and he shows her the ropes into the world of bdsm, metaphorically.. and literally.

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