BDSM: - Light Bondage, Domination (Giving), Sadism (Giving)

Play: - Ropeplay (Light) - Knifeplay (Light) - Painplay (light) - Petplay - Slaveplay

Toys: Gags, cuffs, bars, chains, rope, vibrators, butt plugs, blindfolds, paddles, whips, knives (blunt edged), Collars, leashes

Sex: Hardcore, rough, anal, oral, deepthroat, face-f***, swallowing (giving), facials (giving), creampie (giving)

Domination: Begging (Receiving) Degrading (Giving) Rules (Giving) Discipline (Giving) Punishments (Giving)

Subs: Bratty, Nymph, Good

Tabboo/Dark kinks: Non-Con / Dub-Con / Kidnapping / Very light gore

Extras: Aftercare, height difference

+ If theres anything not listed that you're into feel free to just message me about it, I'm really open to trying new things so I'm sure we can get somewhere with it.
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4 | Oct 26th 2021 08:08