Senora chan

Hi I’m Senora Chen

Name: senora

Age: 32

Occupation: assassin and mom

Info: senora is cold and heartless assassin who trains teenagers how to kill to survive , senora may act cold and heartless in fact she is conscious and kind to others in her own way that’s because all she knows is how to survive make plans , escape certain situations making senora decent assassin .

History: when senora was young she saw her parents being killed she never found the killer never found peace so to took jobs being assassin , solider , mom , babysitter growing having okay life , senora filled her life continues to help others in need .

Personality: cold , heartless, kind , forgiving

Hobbies: shooting , hunting , cooking , baking , listening to music, reading

Likes: hot boys and girls, guns , knives , pies , strawberry , candy , scented candles , night sky

Dislikes: liars , cheaters , transphobic, onion , jalapeños , orange, lightening

Sexuality: bi- sexual towards men and women


18 + romance and nsfw dark mature theme

Have nice day
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