More Plots! ...Except romance-horror

Muse A is kidnapped by Muse B for some reason. Perhaps they're a stalker who went a little far, or a fan of Muse A for whatever reason. Maybe it was entirely random, they don't *need* motive.

Muse A is a being stalked by Muse B. Muse B is a full on stalker. Sleeps in Muse A's bed when they aren't home, sits in their closet at night to watch over them, and cuts off locks of their hair. Perhaps takes photos or videos through the window. Be wild!

Muse B is a bodyguard hired to protect Muse A but they're a fan of Muse A too...And for more than whatever they're famous for.

Muse A looks somewhat like Muse B's favorite character from something. Muse B kidnaps them, and thus starts Muse B's process of trying to romance his favorite character in real life.

Muse B is rich, and uses this to their advantage to get whatever they want. Including their love interest, Muse A. Muse B sets up for them to be kidnapped and auctioned off, buying them and keeping them as entertainment.

Muse A is simply walking home when they're pulled into an alleyway and knocked out. Muse B is a mafia leader, and their goons are behind it. Muse B now keeps Muse A as a pet of sorts, since they found them intriguing.

Muse B is the dedicated lover of Muse A...And they'll do anything to keep it that way. Eliminating outside threats, taking their beloved on lavish dates - whatever it takes.

Muse B is a popular person for some reason or other - and they just so happen to be Muse A's idol. When Muse A meets them at a meet and greet, they're overjoyed, and can't believe it when Muse B asks them to join them in another area alone...They never suspected their idol would have been obsessed with them to the point of kidnapping them.
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