King Matter

Name: Andrew Rick Matter

Nickname: Rick or drew

Gender: Male

Age: 57 trillion years old

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Matter and Anit Matter

Language: English and other stuff.

Mother : Cubicle of Matter

Wife: Queen Matter (Morwara Matter)

Dead younger Brother : Carrier Matter (Charlie Matter)

Nephew and Niece:

Dark Matter ( Don Matter)

Light Matter ( Lilly Matter)

Red Matter (Rey Matter)

Yellow Matter (Yasir Matter)

Blue Matter ( Bella Matter)

Green Matter (Gloria Matter)

Orange Matter (Oliver Matter)

Purple Matter ( Paige Matter)

G.O.D ( Galactic Order Destoryer)

Dead Step Brother: Jarfarier Voider (Jack Matter)

Nephew and Niece:

Anit Dark Voider (Demmie Voider)

Anit Light Voider (Lucky Voider)

Anit Red Voider (Richard Voider)

Anit Yellow Voider (Yuliana Voider)

Anit Blue Voider (Billy Voider)

Anit Green Matter (Georgina Voider)

Anit Orange Matter (Otto Voider)

Anit Purple Matter (Pacifica Voider)

Dead younger Sister: Farrior Matter (Feyra Matter)

Nephew and Niece:

Anit Dark Matter ( Danielle Matter)

Anit Light Matter ( Luke Matter)

Anit Red Matter ( Rihanna Matter)

Anit Yellow Matter (Yasar Matter)

Anit Blue Matter ( Brenda Matter)

Anit Green Matter ( Greg Matter)

Anit Orange Matter (Otto Matter)

Anit Purple Matter ( Patrina Matter)

Dead Step Sister: Skriker Voider ( Skylar Voider)

Nephew and Niece:

Dark Voider ( Deborah Voider)

Light Voider ( Luca Voider )

Red Voider ( Rachel Voider)

Yellow Voider ( Yoel Voider)

Blue Voider ( Brianna Voider)

Green Voider ( Gregory Voider)

Orange Voider (Opal Voider)

Purple Voider (Page Voider)

Oldest Son : Void Matter (Jonathan Matter)

Second Older Son: Nothingness Matter (William Matter)

Younger Son: Mystery Man ( Zathora Matter)

Youngest Son: Unknown Matter ( Joseph Matter)

Friends: none

Physical Description

Height: 6'10


Hair:short gray curly hair

Eyes: Glowing eyes (Light gray and Dark gray)

Detailed Physical Description: very muscular and fit for his old age but also a bit on a heavy side.

Typical Clothing: a crown, Royal cape, and royal battle armor covering him from head to toe. Underneath a plan tank top shirt and short under the battle armor.

Equipment: used to use a two-handed sword but no longer uses any type of weapon and just mostly use his powers and abilities


Personality/Attitude:can be rather hatful, chaotic, wants power , doesnt care for anyone or anything used to be diffent but now wants to rule a iron will.

Skills/Talents: abusing others to his will and making as many peolpe under hin and have rule in the kingdom.

Favourites/Likes: fighting, destroying anything in his way, makimg peolpe do his work and as well have control over Avoider and maybe unknown

Most Hated/Dislikes:mostly anything that try to stop him and his wife as well. Anyone that trys to take his kingdom.

Strengths: has all kinds of power tp use to his foes or those that dare try to kill him in his kingdom

Weaknesses: slow and can run out of energy frim the powers and also many other things as well.


Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:his wife only knows

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: his wife



Red - Extreme strength ( mystery can control his own strength from easily punching down universes to Simply punching dumped rocks his bare hands but this does drain energy out of him and he can only do it a week at a time)

Blue - extreme intelligence ( he basically no almost anything and everything except for a new universe is and places he never been to be can learn quickly. Also knows different fighting techniques and can planned a strategy with in a second)

Yellow extreme speed ( mystery can go faster the speed of light and the speed of Darkness. Witch 1% of Dark speed is 5% of Light speed and that means you can slow down time can also stop time briefly and can go back a day but this will drain him and he can only do this three four times a week)

Green - extreme healing and regeneration ( he can basically heal anyone or anything but cannot heal the Dead or bring back the Dead but he can heal arms legs almost anything back but if he does this for 2 weeks straight it will make him weak)

Orange - extreme immunity and resistance ( he's got strong enough resistance and Immunity most poisons and diseases but only a small percent does can make him sick or hurt him as well witch is a 0.07 %)

Purple extreme acrobatics and flexibility ( he can do acrobatics professionally which makes them able to react and Dodge faster than 5% of the speed of light anything faster than most likely get him hit but despite being extremely flexible he didn't fit in small spaces or tight spaces anything too tight or too small get him stuck)

White prevention of death ( he can resurrect anyone or anything back from the dead creating or grabbing the soul from death but not from his own he be able to revive himself only for a short period of time. It does make him weaker as well. He can also mess with the age of the person makimg them younger or older)

Black - prevention of life ( he can kill anyone or anything but it will not affect those that have higher than a lesser deity so anything below it can be killed instantly by being touch but it will drain so much energy out of him to a point of passing out)

Anit Matter

Red - control and manipulate Fire

Blue - control and manipulate Water

Yellow - control and manipulate lightning / electricity

Green - control and manipulate nature

Orange - control and manipulate Air/Wind

Purple - control and manipulate Poison

White - control and manipulation Light

Black - control and manipulation Darkness

With all these manipulation and control the elements unknown can make them into different monsters and weapons that will but it will drain the energy out of him but he can do this for months at a time

Backstory: Andrew matter was the oldest out of his family. His mother trained him and his younger brother and sister to combat against another family known as the voiders. Using to the finest powers and abilities and their combination of weapon tree the families were at War but within the battle Andrew fell in love with a woman named Morwara when he was 27. With and what seems like a month or days later they got married and many years later they had a pair of twins of his older Sons Avoider and Nothingness. He was abusing them and he didn't really like them his wife was sick of it but whenever they got another pair of twins Mystery and Unknown. It was the last straw for her but he took action putting his sword through her chest killing her and abandoning his younger Sons. Took over the kingdom under an Iron Will and the kingdom was falling apart cuz of his order.
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