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    «────── « GENERAL INFORMATION » ──────»

            Ahn Sena.

            Nana, Doll.

            05 September 1995.

          Zodiac Sign:

          Chinese Zodiac:



          Blood Type:

          Place Of Birth:
            Incheon, South Korea.

          Current Location:
            Seoul, South Korea.



          Spoken Languages:
            Korean, English.

          Sexual Orientation:

          Romantic orientation:

            Switch, dom lean.



            Upper middle.

          Average Income:
             $97,000 USD.

    «────── « PHYSICAL APPEARANCE.» ──────»

            5'11", 180cm.

            48kg, 106lbs.

            Slim, slightly toned.


          Hair Color:

          Eye Color:




            Gucci Bloom, Acqua Di Fiori Eau De Toilette.

    «────── « PERSONAL INFORMATION » ──────»


            Chaotic good.

          Good Traits:
            Responsible, independent, charismatic, ‘confident’, good listener,
            honest, curious.

          Bad Traits:
            Perfectionist, blunt, possessive, flirty, insensitive, argumentative,
            Cursing, humming, chewing on lips, fidgeting, looking at
            reflection, touching up makeup.

            Watching documentaries, vlogging, running, makeup,

            Murder documentaries, animals, modelling, drinking, shopping
            designer, modelling, new things, skinship, scented candles,
            fashion, dawn, travelling/road trips, cemeteries.

            Mess, being late, gossip, sudden loud noises, the heat,
            strict diets, cold.

            Autophobia (fear of being alone.)

          Pet Peeves:
            Interruption, slow people, loud chewing, being told to
            ’calm down’.


          Mental Disorders:

          Physical Health:





          Favorite Animal?:

          Favorite Flower?:
            Red rose.

          Favorite Color?:

          Favorite Food?:
            Banana bread.

          Favorite Drink?:
            Banana milk.

          Favorite Song?:
            And July - HEIZE, DEAN, dj friz.

          Favorite Artist?:

          Favorite Movie?:
            The Handmaiden.

          Favorite Series:
            Save Me.

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