The Soldier

Name - Ana Maria
Code Name-
Age- 22
Height- 5'1
Weight- 96pounds
General Body Build- Slander, Thin, but Fit.
Gender/Sex- Female.
Ethnicity/Race- Caucaisan
Origin/Nationality- Brazilian
Other details- Ana has Brown hair usually kept in a Pony tail, Her eyes have a unusual but Natural honey yellowish color, Most of her Scar are in Areas that are hard to see, She is ambidextrous, She uses glasses but it very rare to see her using them.

A Mission is a Mission, A goal is a goal. She is the kind of person to follow the idea of "goals justifies the mean" She has morals, but she is willing to use horrible means to Achieve her goals even it that takes a Toll on her own mind.

Primary- MP5, 9x19mm.
Modification- She uses a Silencer some times, And usually Caries Subsonic rounds.
Secondary Weapon- Barretta 9m
Armor type- A Light as she can get her hands on.

On a scale of 0-20, 10 being average, 20 being bordering the edge of human capability.
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 16
Perception: 14
Charisma: 10
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