-Regarding Technologies.-

The technology of this world isn't very different from our own, since it only takes place in the near future of 2032. But, It does have some 'futuristic' tech. I will list a few here.

"Blitz Armor"
Blitz Armor, Juggernaut Suits, Power Armor, it has many names. It's only recently become a reality, and many nations are keeping suits they have under wraps as much as possible. As such, it's only seen on very classified operations, and is barely known to the general public. Blitz Armor uses an exoskeleton to provide a strength increase to the user, while simultaneously holding an armored suit on top to protect both the exoskeleton and the user. As such, the armor is bulky, but capable of enough movement to be used in conjunction with "normal" infantry. The armor also allows for the use of heavy weapons with much more ease. However, the suit is expensive and requires maintenance between uses.

Adaptive Camouflage:
A-Camo, Invisibility Cloaks, Chameleon Gear, these coats, or plates, depending on the system, can actively change color to match the surroundings. Only with enough power to last about an hour, this high-end camouflage was only seen recently in use by Ronin Tactical Squads from the JSDF Special Forces. The camouflage uses Electronic Ink, a type of electric paper, to quickly change colors and adapt to the surroundings with cameras.
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