:: rules

1 :: Ya add, ya talk! I’m super forgetful, so having to keep track of who added me and having to message them first is not something I want to be bothered with. Of course, if I add you I will send the first message, if I don’t because I forgot I will not blame you for removing me.

2 :: Any NSFW themes are fine (gore, violence, language, etc.), though I have some more specific limits when it comes to smut/er*t*c themes. I’m not opposed to it but my preference goes out to roleplays without it. I also will not be doing entirely smut-based roleplays.
Smut will not ever be included under these circumstances:
- With minors (Admin or Character)
- Large age gaps
- Between family (That INCLUDES adopted, step-, and foster family)
- With animals

My rules for romance are pretty much the same, aside from the fact that I will do romance with characters that are minors. Just no one under 16, unless it's a childhood friends-to-lovers thing.

3 :: Length and literacy are pretty important to me, please make an attempt at writing at least one paragraph per response. I know it can be tough for some people but it’s just my style. I have no max limit on how much I expect you to write though haha

4 :: I have a life outside of the internet, believe it or not. I’m a student and I have a part-time job, so sometimes it might take me a couple of days to reply. Please be patient with me, if you spam me expecting a response prepare to be ghosted.

5 :: More tba, as I said I'm very forgetful lol I quite literally forgot if I have any more rules.
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2 | Oct 14th 2021 12:00