| General |

Dallas Kiersten

Dal, Dally

Appears to be about 24



Lean but densely muscular

Black, cheek-length and parted down the middle

Hooded and almond shaped; honey brown; darkly rimmed

Dark formal (mostly black clothing. Favors turtlenecks and boots)

{Sexual Orientation}

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| Introduction |

Dallas doesn't remember his life as a human, but his mother, before she threw him from his old home about two years after he had "turned", had said he was a kind a bright young man. Full of life and adventure. But after he "turned", he tried greatly to keep his identity as a vampire hidden, even from his own mother. But she noticed the change nonetheless. At first it was subtle. Her son seemed... Quieter. Colder, physically and mentally.

"If the eyes are the window to the soul, then his were like looking upon an empty room."

On the day she finally confronted him and threw him into the wilderness from their quaint family farm, she told him that he had "become bloodless. I don't see my son in those eyes anymore..." Those words have followed him throughout the centuries. She never believed her son was a vampire, but that he was instead cursed. He would disappear all day and return at night to complete his chores nocturnally as well as fix her dinner. All of which he did with great discipline, but no words. He took good care of her as much as he could, but when the animals began to "disappear", all of his labor became meaningless in comparison to their newfound lack of resources. Without the chickens they had no eggs... Without the goats, they had no milk... Without the cows, they had no fertilizer... Without the horses, they had no transportation... The vegetables withered and died in dried ground. She became convinced that her son had been bewitched and brought a curse upon their household. With great heartbreak, she eventually drove him away. He left without dispute, but a week or so after her son had left she began to find baskets full of fruit and vegetables at her doorstep, all of which Dallas had stolen and delivered himself.

He hung around the property for a few years, living in an abandoned windmill about ten miles away while he discreetly kept tabs on his mother, stealing food from farms too far away to travel by horseback, and bringing her a new basket every week. The red death claimed her at the age of forty-five, and he let the farm die with her. He left the woods to explore the world on his own.

He was never pulled by the politics of vampires, and remained rogue even after many offerings to join vampire colonies. Other vampires disgusted him, but that wasn't to say he had any sort of moral high ground. With his mother dead, Dallas lost his care for human life. He still respected the value of their lives, just as he does with any animal, and he feels a sense of pity over his victims, but he doesn't deny his instincts either. He feeds when he is hungry, though he tries not to overindulge and leaves his victims alive when he can help it.

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| Relationships |

His only living relative died centuries ago, but he has no idea whatever became of the vampire that turned him. He assumes she is still alive, based on a rumor he heard that all "vampire underlings" feel a sort of supernatural pain when their master expires. But it could just be a myth.

Despite his bloodlessness, Dal is capable of romantic feelings. He has a sort of fascination for human emotion, a curiosity of the soul he no longer possesses. When he finds one he likes he tends to develop stalkerish behaviors towards them. He might even follow them for weeks or months before choosing to approach them. When he does approach, he will attend whatever nightly even he knows the person will be attending, and fakes a more "pleasant" personality in order to gain their trust. He isn't aware of his obsessive behavior, and he is more than capable of murdering anyone who may threaten to get in the way of his new obsession.
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