[[ ji-yeong , p.240 ]]

name: ji-yeong
age: 19
birthdate: 22 november, 2002
star-sign: Sagittarius


Ji-Yeong has a tendency to appear like she is staring off into space while listening or speaking to people, but in reality she finds it taxing to have to turn her head to where the sound is coming from each time. Her face remains in the same expression most of the time too, lips pressed into a flat line with brows relaxed. She often purses her lips in thought, or mimics the expressions of others as sarcasm.

Verbally, she tends to speak in a tone that is flat and emotionless, and her speech is generally semi-rapid. If she is fearful or joyful, her voice will heighten in pitch and the pace will quicken as well. Though, when mimicking someone or cracking a joke, she speaks slowly and emphatically. Before saying anything, she pauses and thinks carefully, always choosing each word carefully. Because of this, her voice comes across as quite flat in tone, seeming almost monotonous unless she is conversing with someone who interests her.
Sometimes her voice shifts to a more excited tone, especially when participating in conversations about things she likes, or things she is excited about. When discussing religion, she’ll often pause for a few moments or merely mention that she wishes to drop the subject. If pressured any further, she’ll become irritated and either forcefully change the subject or leave the conversation altogether.

The girl is an excellent listener, someone who people can go to about their problems. She’s great at keeping secrets and she doesn’t offer advice unless asked for it which makes her an ideal person to vent to over a nice cup of tea. However, she does not tend to form deep emotional bonds with people due to her vacant and strange nature but is open to making and keeping friends along the way.


the color orange: She’s often seen wearing orange with a deep sage or juniper, when not involved in the game, of course. She carries an orange wallet with little orange slices embroidered into it.

fruit-themed accessories: Her earrings are almost always fruit-themed, being either cherries, peaches, or oranges mostly. Her clothes also have tiny fruits embroidered into the hem, and her boots have small peach patches on them.

cats: She has a cat, named Danbi, and he is a calico. Her mother took care of him regularly before her death, and once she left her parents, she took him with her.


religion: Her father was a pastor, but molested both her and her mother, before eventually killing her mother. Because of this, she avoids talking about religion as much as possible and is upset by it when even mentioned in passing.

dogs: She is an avid cat person, and is scared of dogs due to a bite she received when she was younger. When around dogs, she’ll become frightened and try to leave as soon as possible.

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