The Law

1. I hold the right to friend/unfriend/deny and block anybody I see fit. That being said, I am respectful but if I haven’t accepted your first or second request, I won’t accept your seven-hundred and eighty-sixth either.

2. If I do accept your request, I expect you to message me first; likewise I will message first if I send you a request. That being said, if I haven’t sent a message within an hour and you see I’m online fee free to message me as I will likely do the same. Sometimes we make mistakes, it’s fine.

3. I often give a time limit of three days to message otherwise you will be removed (just as I expect that to happen to me). I will often give warnings either personally or on site if there’s a chance I won’t be active for a few days, keep an eye on my stream for this.

4. I am a literate writer, usually expect no less than a paragraph per reply. This also means I expect replies to be written to a readable standard. Sometimes spellings are hard, grammar rules don’t make sense or just plain typos can occur - but, if I’m reading a sentence three times just to know what you mean then you’re probably not getting a reply.

5. Er*t*c and other mature themes are fun, who doesn’t enjoy them? Some of you enjoy them WAY TOO MUCH, and I expect there to be some substance alongside this. This being said, you aren’t guaranteed these themes either, it has to feel natural between our characters.

6. Don’t come to me in character please, I like planning a plot and getting to know how the admin types before jumping into a plot.

7. This account is a work in progress and likely will be for a little while, please be patient and feel free to ask questions where you see fit. There’s a chance you’ll even help me setting up my account!

8. The maximum friend count I will have is 50, I don’t collect friends nor am I a number. If you don’t wanna write, why even have me?

9. There are many things that I will never do, they should be self-explanatiory (mostly stuff that would put you away for a long time away from the computer screen) but not always. Ask for my limits if you must, I won’t judge you on them but it will make me weary of you.
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14 | Oct 13th 2021 21:26
SmashOrPass Read and understood.