World Explanation


Names of Villages
Contrailia (con-trail-e-a)
Okara (oh-car-a)
Raven bridge
Tonsa (Tone-sa)
Raveora (rave- aura)
Marangrove (mar-an-grove)

Other territories
???- All that is known is that it is where werewolves reside
Mef'wan- Where people of the race Mie’fans reside

Other world
The land of the Zamora's- It can only be reached through a red portal made from a very rare material. There are only for portals in total at the moment, they can only be made from powerful magic users and the souls of the dead.
The realm of the elves- where elves and dragons reside from, only elves and extremely dark magic can open the portal to that realm

Zamora- Zamora’s are a race that are extremely humanoid. They have three forms- Human - The Normal Zamora form - The Corrupt Zamora form.
When they are in their human form no one could tell them apart from a normal person, they have normal eyes, normal human features, the only way to tell is that their skin is always extremely cold, almost like they were dead.
In The Normal Zamora form their skin turns a slight grayish, their hair will darken. They will grow a foot taller, A zamora’s skin will become rather hot, their teeth will sharpen slightly, and their eyes iris will go a light red while the scleras will go black.
The Corrupt Zamora form is almost the exact same as their normal Zamora form but their iris is a darker red and their veins turn black and become very prominent around their eyes. Their teeth will become extremely sharp.

Zamora’s can be created two ways. They were either born a Zamora or they can turned, to turn someone into a Zamora someone with royal blood must murder and feast on half of the heart before planting into the ground and watering the heart with blood.

Mie’fans - People with cat ears and cat tails and feline like behaviors

Werewolves- Almost all outside of the werewolves territory stay in their human-wolf form, never turning to their human form. The branch of werewolves that live in Ara'lan don't even have a human form unless they were bitten to become or born from one that was infected.

Elves- your normal elves, powerful magic users

Humans- all have the ability to learn a singular branch of magic, but only those tampering in dark arts can use more types.
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