❤ Rules ❤

1) Please do not add me then just not talk to me, if I add you unless I'm busy I'll text you first so I expect the same.

2) If I unadd you please don't sit there and add me back over and over again, I unadded you for a reason unless we talked a lot and we had a pretty good RP going then it might've been a misclick.

3) I am not always on! Sometimes there'll be a few days to a week where I won't be on. I have a life outside of this and it tends to get pretty busy!

4) Please for the love of everything keep one-liners to a minimal. If you start sending them, I'll send them as well or just go silent cause most times I have no idea where to go with it.

5) If it says I'm online and I don't respond it doesn't mean I'm online, I tend to leave my computer on and this website is always open. Or maybe I don't want to respond at that moment and I'll do it later.

6) For all that is holy please do not message me with a starter without us talking about anything prior. I hate that kind of shiz.

7) I'm down for NSFW stuff, as long as there is a good buildup, I do not want the RP to start and then it just goes straight into that.

8) Honestly I kind of only really like doing romantic roleplays, if that isn't your thing I could try it but it's gonna be pretty interesting for me cause normal stuff just kind of isn't interesting.

9) If you do not respond within 3 days to a week of my last message and it says you've been on a lot I will send you a message, if I feel like you won't ever text back I will unadd you.

10)If you add me and you don't text me I will give you two days to text me before unfriending you.

11) Please use proper English! I don't mind mistakes here and there but please have things make sense

12) Tell me your favorite show!! So i know you've read these! ^w^
That's all for now... Wow never thought I'd have so many rules, but eh this had to happen. Anyways! Love yall!
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8 | Oct 13th 2021 21:03