Eventually meeting.

She and LanJi have basically looked for each other for days without success. One day, she just meets him casually by the arena where she was going to train a little. He is walking out.
She remains stunned at the sight of him. He stands still, staring at her and trying to figure out how she is feeling about him. Eventually he greets. "Ni...ni hao, Rin."
"Ni Hao..." She lowers her gaze shyly, hiding a slight smile. "How have you been..? Have you worked these days?"
LanJi realizes she is not acting like a rape victim towards his assulter and it relieves him right away. It was not only him, the rose infatuation hit even her and both were willing, kind of.
He smiles slightly at her and takes a step forward. "Pretty good. I did a bit of everything, working, training...I also tried looking for you but no success. Where were you?" He snorts, scratching his head.
She turns her head to the side, trying to hide her blushing. "Probably looking for you too and we were always in opposite places..." She tries not to chuckle, then some moments of silence.
"Can we...talk for a moment? In a private place." He asks, thinking about where they might go. Definitely not the House of Peacock. "Let's go to the telescope." Not worried at all he might need to fix his clothes and hair, also a little shower.
She agrees and follows him upstairs. Whole Shiinden can be seen from there and she is amazed at the sight but she has to focus on LanJi.
He leans against the short wall, a bit thoughtful. "Rin...what happened the other evening was...out of my control. I didn't mean to do it, be so rash and rude with you."
Rin stands next to him, leaning against the wall too. "It happened only because of the rose everyone talks about?" She lowers her gaze, thinking she is going to be refused.
"Likely, shi...it can trigger that kind of instinct..." He knows too well. "I would have never done it without the rose, because it is not like me to be careless. It is never just sex to me and I will take my responsabilities if I have to."
His words make her feel down and up again. She is not sure what exactly he wants to say. "What do you mean, LanJi? Do...do you want to date me or not? What responsabilities?"
"Date you?" He remains thoughtful at the question. "I would more likely let you decide if you want to try it or not. It is that...I am a bit older than you. You still need to grow up.
I mean responsabilities like...if what we did left a deep mark."
"You don't look very willing to date me..."
LanJi lowers his gaze. "It is that I know they will make it hard for me, whatever I do and whoever I date. It is not your fault...we can really try to date without your relatives to know. Tomorrow afternoon? Let's meet...uh...not in Shiirhuang. Suhyen?"

It was hard to pick a place and in the end the poor two ended up dating in Fengshii. At least they spend pleasant time talking to each other. She manages to open up a little, they even start walking hand in hand after a bit.
"Do you want to eat?" Rin asks, taking a look around then up. "I think it will rain soon."
"It might. It's always like that here, do you have an umbrella?" He snorts.
"No. Do you?"
"No! We will get wet, so let's find a tavern at least!"
They are still looking for a place where to eat, one that is even slightly tempting.
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1 | Oct 13th 2021 18:06
Boo_ «I doubt he doesn't want his friends there. Or maybe he is embarrassed if you go there? He won't work anyway, we hired the staff already. Maybe he is just uncomfortable with the fact he invented those drinks?» He shrugs.
«I don't know the immortal breeds, but the average pets avoid me like plague. Maybe I should just take a wendigo as a pet.»
He is still a bit awkward at the situation. XD «All right then.» He motions the waiter to proceed with their order.
Lordship "What can I know. The relationship between us is a little awkward...it has always been, kinda.
I'm not critical! He has to avoid Qi only if he is afraid of judgements. I didn't know he had a talent making drinks, it is great.
Wendigos aren't horrifying and feast on human flesh?" He snorts. "You have to like it, not me, so!"
He nervously taps his fingers on the table then whispers Hoseok while she is distracted with her phone. "What did I do?" He is too used dating boys!!
Boo_ «Awkward? There have been feelings between you and him?» He can't help but think it's the thing that makes friendships the most awkward.
«Qi can freely give his judgements to me, I can take the blame if something isn't good enough. I understand if TiShan struggles to face criticism, but it leaves me quite indifferent instead.» He makes a slight smile.
«As a matter of fact, I was joking on keeping one as a pet. There wouldn't be much to feed it, around here!!» He chuckles.
«I think you should have looked more enthusiastic about the fact you had sex», he whispers back, thinking it's the only possible reason.
Lordship "Not...mutual feelings. One sided crush that never arrived anywhere.
I was joking but overall, if they criticize in a way that is not belittling but helps to make things better, it is a good thing for you all.
Though Qi could really come with his boyfriends sometimes, even if he doesn't like noisy places.
Warn the government they should make Fengshii a better place for wendigos' breeding then!" He chuckles too.
"I raised my glass though..." He really doesn't get what was there to be enthusiastic about. XD "Damn it, girls are complicated, man..."
Boo_ «Ah, i see. I am the master of that kind of feelings.» Unrequited.
«I can try to discern between the critique for the sake of improvement. I am not one who insults easily.» He snorts.
One of his boyfriend sure won't get any close to a place where one could meet Hoseok. :v «He has more than one? Cool!»
He snorts. «Is there really someone who isn't complicated, in the universe?»