terms + conditions apply.

1. I have quite a lot of time on my hands because I only work part-time. That being said, just because my status says I'm online doesn't mean I'm actually here. I could be AFK, I could be sleeping or taking a nap, I could be preoccupied with other things. I usually try to respond pretty promptly, though sometimes I have the memory of a goldfish and kinda 'drop off the face of the earth'. Just give me a gentle nudge, I promise I don't bite.

2. Yes, this page is relatively smut-focused. That being said, my character is a sex ed. teacher/mental health advocate. She's EXTREMELY loosely-based off Irene from Red Velvet and her storyline is inspired by a fanfic. I don't write smut that often, but I want to practice writing it. If you wanna judge me for it, go right ahead and judge me for it but do it in your own space and keep my name out of your mouth, capisce?

3. I require literacy from my partners. English is my first language, it's okay if English isn't yours. I don't care that much about perfect grammar/spelling so long as you can tell a good story but under no circumstances will I write with somebody that talks like a teenager. I don't hold you to any specific word count but please try to give me something to work with. If your responses are dry and non-descriptive, I will find them boring and won't want to write with you. There needs to be some sort of descriptive sensuality at hand.

4. This page is multi-storyline and multi-LI. Her relationships do not exist within the same universe of each other so if you're the jealous type OOC, I'd recommend not writing with me because I will delete and block anybody that tries to tell me who I can and cannot write with, or accuse me of 'cheating on them'. If your character is overly possessive of Irene in our own little verse with each other, she probably won't appreciate that and will break up with you. I will absolutely not tolerate OOC drama.

5. I'm not doing any impregnation storylines. Try to force that sh*t on me and I'll just block you, enough said.



Joohyun doesn't judge people for their kinks. If she has any of her own, they are *very* light - she prefers things on the more vanilla side. And while she believes people should be free to explore their sexuality on their own terms, Irene will not jump in bed with a perfect stranger. Flirt with her all you want, she's a little more reserved but she *is* polyamorous and panromantic demi-sexual. She falls in love with *people* rather than parts, and due to the nature of her job and her work with Professor Min (Yoongi), she keeps herself on an 'open' status with relationships.
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