Since the students from Shiinden and Malicedom are all too young to visit Hogsmeade on their own, and they think it would be a shame if their guests didn't visit the village, they decide to organise with the families.
The first Saturday the village is open to the students, an adult member of the families of the guys from Nortrig is supposed to go to accompany their kids. (Not necessarily parents.)

The family members have to reach the Hogsmeade station on their own (through portals or teleporting).
The kids from Nortrig are already there with Hagrid, waiting for their relatives to come to spend a free day in Hogsmeade with them.
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Peachii «I think he just doesn't care where he spends those few hours in the morning. It's not like he stays in classroom to follow the classes.»
He slowly nods. «A lot of people hurt our appa, which is why he has so many problems, even to simply accept money he has right to.» He clenches his fist.
«I know. You are even too quiet for your age, but what can I know if your friends brought you to the wrong way.»
Yezi "They allow him to leave classes so easily? Professors lost all their will to teach them something apparently.
I really understand him being like that. People lie a lot, I wish I knew every time they lied to us." He says thoughtfully.
"They didn't. I don't join them when they sneak out at night even!" They should know WonZi goes to sleep late ;v
Peachii «If you totally don't care about marks and your overall school career, what can they do? They can give him 0 and he will laugh in their face.»
He takes a breath. «I think that you would get a lot of disappointments if you could know when people lie to you. Just try to figure out who is trustworthy and who is not.»
He moves his hands behind his back. «And why you don't join them?»
Yezi "If he is happy that way, we cannot do anything...
I wish it was easy...sometimes I get headache trying to figure out. It is especially hard with my power because...anyone can feel attracted but they don't really act by their own will." He lowers his gaze.
"Because teachers said we shouldn't leave the dorm at night. It is not right that I don't join? I don't want to...disappoint appa."
Peachii «Nothing that is powerful and useful is ever easy. Just bear that in mind and work harder until you will have mastered it. Nothing helps more than practice, take profit of it now that there is nobody standing in your way.»
He shrugs. «You and HaoLin are such good boys, nothing like your GeGe.»