♡ Read me Please! ♡

Hey! I'm so glad you made it to this blog! It is important that you let me know that you've understood everything listed here! So hit the heart ♡ !

☆ - First rule! It is so important to keep a nice and friendly environment around! Everyone deserves to have fun on this site and not have hate put on them, so please! There is plenty of glitter to go around!~

☆ - Second rule! Let's try to build a role-play that won't get boring for the two of us! Let's include as much as we can and let's try new things along the way!

☆ - Third rule! I have fine with one liners, just give as much detail as you can in that detail! I normally send from 3 lines to 4 paragraphs! I have very flexible with that!

☆ - Fourth rule! Don't rush anything in our role-play! No death is allowed and no godmodding!

☆ - Fifth rule! I will do gore or medieval themes as well! Going out of my usual cute and lolli stuff is fun too!

☆ - Sixth rule! My characters are pansexual so I am fine with any gender to roleplay romance with!

☆ -Seventh rule! We don't need to have out of character conversations! Start us off with a role-play if you'd like!

I'll edit this later for more rules!

☆☆☆ I love you, if you read all the way here! Don't forget, hit the ♡ !
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