Out all day

Shiinden often organizes little trips for the students to have a better training and understanding of everything. She joins a trip with her Water teachers the day after the deep meeting with LanJi. She forgets home her phone and doesn't return from the trip before late evening. No news of her all day.

On sunday, no trips nor anything, just rest, a bit of study and petting her horses. She doesn't leave her home nor sees the messages from LanJi, as YunFei deleted them all. She is asked some weird question by her parents though, if she is by any chance dating someone, who, how, but she denies.

Finally time to return to school where she has lessons for the whole morning and part of the early afternoon.
She starts heading out of school to go back home. She carries a backpack and the box with her violin. Her clothes are pretty ugly and oversized for her thin figure.
Can be either in or near school or in Shiirhuang.
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KIWII °You shouldn't make friends just because you need the help of that person. That is a bad way to do it. You should be sincere.
Not sure I prefer to separate liquids from solid foods.
But it is a great opportunity, They will learn a lot and bring those informations back. We can always learn from other kind of methods. °
GamJa "Nice...maybe they will make me try it eventually." She might start making small requests after some time with them but she still worries they might send her away if she is too much a bother.
"Shi...how long will they have to be away? It is a bit sad but you can hear their voice every day or see them." Thanks to phones.
"I didn't mean I befriended him for some privileges...it just happened and...it is a matter of facts he could help me out if I need?
GeGe, do you know if there were...uhm, missions today and he was involved? Where do you think we can find LanJi?" Either in Shiinden or somewhere to walk or eat.
WonPil «I understand. HaoLin doesn't like it either…» He won't aggressively impose ShiSui to start loving bubble tea!!
«I can make you try it, I have some of the things that are needed to make it, at home.»
He sighs. «It is going to be one Earth year, I am not sure how long it will be in Nortrig terms.» But if he can't take care of them as if they were toddlers!!
«We can try to ask him, I am not sure where he could be…» Maybe ShiSui's powers can work for that purpose too.
KIWII °If it came to your mind after you became friends then I suppose it is fine. But don't go overboard with help.
I will accept but with the tapioca seeds obviously, I prefer them separately.
You want to find LanJi? We could start from Shiinden if he is not at school.°
GamJa "Really? Is it not...a problem?" She doesn't ask because she thinks they are poor, she just worries to trouble him.
I hope it will not be longer, but they will certainly skip all the nice celebrations in these winter months..." She started to find out and like Zimkeshalhor's events. School is decorated for it of course.
"I don't know if it's just that I didn't come across him but I didn't see him at school. Let's try Shiinden."