Hiiii! With certain plots im gonna wanna be a certain muse also i will close some of the plots depending on which is being used the most place if you use my ideas or want to just let me know please i wont say no i just wanna know :D

Human x Monster (Open)

In a world where monsters are in hiding A muse is completely clueless to the unknown world around him. For all humans a curfew is absolutely mandatory everyone having to be in their homes at 8 pm and not being allowed to look out their windows. No one knows why but rumors circulate. No one has dared to break that rule in years as the last person who broke it was never heard from again. A muse is daring though his friends are too as one they all venture out into the night around 9 knowing that all the officers had went home by now...
(this plot i have plans for so i would prefer to be A muse and B muse of course would be the monster of your choice)

Human survivor x Survivor turned zombie (Open)

A muse and B muse had been thrown into a world of terror having to always be alert and aware of their surroundings. After months of traveling together through the huge city of new york barely getting out alive they found what they thought was a safe haven a huge factory vacant of any thing alive or undead so they quickly settle in B muse starts to let his guard down leaving his weapon with A muse and wanders through the abandoned factory he gets to a long hallway as he goofs off breaking things and smashing any glass he finds with chairs or broken table legs after awhile he ends up finding a comfortable spot and decides to relax slowly drifting off when he awakens he comes face to face with a zombie...

More coming soon :)
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