General rules

1. i make spelling mistakes because off how i excited and invested i get in roleplays please be patient with me. i try my best to read over stuff. (also my punctuations is terrible)

2. i will let you know when im uncomfortable dont take it as a bad thing and end the roleplay or never respond to me. im not going to bite your head off...unless you want me to ;)

3. work a good bit. if you want to know im avabiable look at my bio pls

4. if you have a problem with the roleplay or i do something that makes you uncomfortable please tell me

5. Im semi-lit i do not like one-liners that much and i try my best to avoid them


1. i like SOFT gore i dont want you to kill me

2. NO FEET i hate feet

3. furries are welcome and monsters (i love monsters ;))
4. my k!nks are in my bio please read them (if youre here you most likely read my bio but whatever)

5. im fine with NSFW but please dont make it the whole rp

6.please keep the sh too a low i dont mind if your character sh but please dont make it their whole personality and dont make it the whole roleplay (this isnt me trying to be an a$$ i can only handle so much)

thats all for now!!! Whats youre favor horror/gore movie?
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3 | Oct 1st 2021 10:39