Some baselines

I've been seeing some people that get rejected on a basis. Here's the reasons why and how to fix them if you like.

• Fill your Rp profile out properly.

I know people just start out and you might not know how to. It's understandable. But I usually look at those first before I proceed with adding or requesting. It's easy for me to see what fandoms you're into and style you rp in

• Using the blogs/bio for Rules, Characters, and Fandoms

It helps to know what to not say or basics to characters you are comfortable playing plus the fandoms you're cool with going into. I rather not force someone into anything they are uncomfy with.

• Communication

The key with a good strong partnership with talking with me, I'm a Discord exclusive person, so you gotta see my bio for that and my rp profile too. If you don't see any of that and don't have a Discord, I have no idea why you are here.
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5 | Sep 24th 2021 20:53