Admin hates to have to put them, but they are learning they're needed ❤

∆ Respect the Admin. It's not that hard to be polite, and patient with them. If you're going to be rude to Admin, they will be rude right back and possibly unfriend you.

∆ No spamming the Admin. They aren't online all the time, and don't need you to be messaging a poke every couple of hours because you can't wait for them to get online. After a couple days it would be acceptable to receive a poke, but not when it's been less than 24 hours. If you spam, Admin will immediately block or unfriend.

∆ You add, then you talk. If Admin adds you, they will do the same. It's simply the polite thing to do, as well as they are not just a number. They came here to roleplay.

∆ On top of the rule above, please give Admin something to work with. I understand being indecisive or not having an idea for plot, but it's incredibly hard when you're giving the very bare minimum. It simply annoys the Admin and they will rapidly lose interest in responding to you.

∆ Don't ignore Admin! If the plot gets boring to you, then say something! Communication is absolutely key, and they don't think something as little as getting bored of a plot is a reason to ignore/unfriend/block someone.

∆ Admin prefers 3rd person, but if you prefer 1st person that's fine! Just don't demand that they write the same as you.

∆ Literacy is a must! Admin is not some scholar who knows every little thing about sentence structure and grammar, but they need to know what the hell you're talking about.

∆ Please remember that Admin's character is not them.

∆ Admin is open to more nsfw topics, but only if your character and you yourself are no longer minors. They will not argue with this one.

∆ Admin didn't want to believe that they would have to put this but it happens too often. If Admin sends you a link to a blog posts specifically one that has their limits, please actually read all of it?? Admin is tired of sending it and being asked about including something that was on the list for their limits.

∆ Do not control Admin's character! All his actions, dialogue, and thoughts should be written by Admin unless plot calls for otherwise (example: hypnosis).

∆ Admin will not change anything about their character. Please respect that. Admin's biggest pet peeves with this specific rule is people asking to turn Malachi into a femboy. He is not a femboy, he is a himbo.

∆ If you yourself are a sub, please don't have your character be a stereotypical one. Admin means the "constantly stuttering, short uwu " I can't take care of myself", constantly crying™" type of subs. It will just annoy admin and make them not want to talk to you.

∆ No one liners!! Admin cannot stress this enough!! All they ask for is a minimum of 4 sentences, however they can write up to about 7-9 paragraphs (depending on the person)

∆ Please don't ask for other socials, the admin does not feel comfortable giving it to people. Admin also gets easily overwhelmed by excessive notifications.

∆ Admin gets overwhelmed easily as well as socially drained. Admin also works so they cannot be online all day and every day. After about 5 days, you may poke the admin to remind them you need a reply. If you have read up to this point, please message the Admin your favourite food.

//Admin will add more if necessary~
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6 | Sep 20th 2021 05:22