THE GOAT'S NOTE | Before I start, let me say this now: if you don't agree with one, multiple, or any of these rules, that is completely okay! It's your choice if you send me a friend request or not, both on purpose. | ETON S'TAOG EHT

I don't actually know if some people don't like rules, but I've seen some people say in their blogs that "I know rules are no fun" or something like that, so… uhm.. sorry for these rules! They're not very long, I hope that makes it somewhat better

1ne | Unfriending me without telling me why, blocking me without telling me why, and ghosting me are things that are perfectly okay with me!

While I don't like people who are purposely and knowingly rude and know they're being rude to others, I don't mind if their insults are directed towards me. They don't affect me, just concern me. *cough* the famous harasser here *cough*

2wo | I'm sure we have all seen people who have something along the lines of "I have life outside of this" and something about activity with it too, that's also me, kinda. I'm just very introverted and I don't really like replying to people instantly 24/7 for any type of reason sometimes.

3hree | Choose your own character in our roleplay. but if you're asking for help on someone else's roleplay that you're a part of, that's okay, I'll help you choose!

4our | I'm perfectly fine writing some problematic stuff, and I'm okay with everyone else writing any and every problematic thing they want to. as long as the writers are consenting, it's fine. I have the choice to not read it, and so do you.

5ive | OP characters can be discussed. (To see if i'm okay with roleplaying with them and you're okay playing them) Also, I think I'm open minded on roleplay stuff: meaning plotting, characters, all that; so don't be scared to give me whatever you wish to add to the roleplay, and we'll figure it out!

ps: If you're that one person here who doesn't like having plots in roleplay, I just wanted to tell you, you seem so cool and sweet, thank you for existing.
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