Brag. Always. Hard.

If there is a feature Luo have been famous for, beside being bottoms, throughout the centuries is their endless desire to brag about everything, especially their richness. Although they aren't in the top three richest dynasties, they are still immensely rich, especially now that there is just so few of them left.

Now. He suddenly pays a surprise visit to WonPil's apartment in the evening, when he is sure to find him back from work. He explains his grandson, and the great-grandchildren about a matter that involves the pride of their dynasty and he is especially sensitive about. He covers WonPil in warnings, being especially precise regarding the need to spend an appropriately huge sum of money, YunFei's, clearly.
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Fake "I didn't think grandfather had such a decisional power in Shiinden, it is great!" Hehe XD
He takes a seat, all satisfied he helped WonPil out. He moves his dish of shrimps closer and begins to eat too. "It is so good." Even if he doesn't look particularly excited.
"It's not you, is...basically my closest friends...
You suddenly want to partecipate?" He looks at Jiko.
"I don't understand what's interesting in looking at huge, disgusting spiders...don't they stink too?"
Memory «I am sure that you can all go there, you just have to speak to grandpa or WuXin and it will be done. If he has to choose someone, why not accept volunteers?»
He scratches his head. «I have a feeling he has not that power at all, but he counts on the friendship with Captain Yung to get what he wants.» YunFei would pay Dumbledor to make sure he'd take his most diligent grandson.
«I am glad it is good, eat all, enjoy, love.» He pats his head.
He pours some white rice into his stew.
Star_Dust °I didn't think that too, he is more influential than expected.
I am a really brave person so I have certainly no fear to participate.
You care too much about the look, you shouldn't judge by the look only.
Then it's decided, he will not need to ask my parents, I can travel also right now.° he eats too
Fake "Alrighty, I'll ask uncle WuXin himself if I come across him. Lately he is so difficult to meet though...maybe I have more chances with grandpa.
I see. It seems it works..." He wonders why don't they try to do the same! XD
"You too, appa. I'm sure yours is perfect for your tastes..." He has never made compliments about food, like it looks yummy. Nothing appeals him that much.
"You don't approach someone because you like their look? Don't lie, it is pointless." He mutters with a low tone. He is even too fed up of people caring only about his own look.
Memory «I am not even sure what this whole cultural exchange thing is about or for. I guess just curiosity…» Bragging, Hogwarts will only send the smartest and most educated Ravenclaws.
«What is there to fear? He said the participants will just have to attend their school for some time…»
He blinks at Jiko.
«Grandpa has nothing to do, he is basically on retirement.»
His tastes have always been a trash bin. «It is good, ne… I'll leave something for tomorrow's lunch.»