[~Kait Briggs~]

[-name-] Kait Briggs
[-age-] 18
[-gender-] Female / 'Something Else'

[-bio-] Kait is your typical 'Kawii E-Girl' using her sex and looks to drain the banks of men online. Being a lesbian by nature, her attraction to her 'clients' is always just a ruse. After getting the money she'd always ghost the guy. Was what she doing wrong? Yes. But was she able to move out and live on her own at 18? Yes.

[-personality-] Kait is manipulative. If she wants something she will manipulate, try to buy, or seduce her way to her goal. On top of this she is very hyper and unfiltered.

[-plot ideas-]
-Fan who donates to get into one of her streams, or to spend a day with her
-Fellow streamer who decides to colab with Kait
-A fan who meets Kait out in the world. Maybe at a club or cafe.
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