[~Kara Hale~]

[| Name |] Kara Hale
[| Age |] 32
[| Gender |] Female / 'Something Else'
[| Genres |] Slice of Life, NSFW/SFW

[| Bio |] Ever since her childhood Kara has been in some sort of sex work, whether by choice or by force. Up until the age of 15 she was paraded around as a freak, sold and recorded for the perverted who were interested in her extra.. 'features'. After a major child trafficking bust Kara has been a free woman, but was quickly finding it hard to find any sort of meaningful work. So she did what she knew best and went back to selling her body for money, but this time she was doing it on her own terms and as a dominant as well. Kara was so good at what she did she eventually inherited the hostess club that she worked for on her 17th birthday, turning it more into a commune for underprivileged women who are just as passionate about their line of work as she is.
[| Personality |] Being a dominant in a submissive line of work turned her into a straightforward, cocky, and snarky. She usually pushes for what she wants until it happens, and she always gets what she wants.
[| Plot Ideas |]
-You make an appointment with Kara
-You're one of Kara's Hostesses and want to see how good she really is
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