!!!! If you're a male account you're getting blocked, I really don't care (Especially with all the hate accounts floating around. Get that guy off the site and I'll start accepting guys again). "Other" accounts are fine! As long as I see you playing both genders on that account. !!!!!

1. You add me, message me first. If I add you, I'll message you first.
2. I'll try to be around as much as I can, and as often as I can.
3. I'm a DOMINANT. and No i'm not interested in being owned by anyone, nore am I willing to budge on the matter.
4. Hey! If you're reading this far, like the post, and tell me your favorite candy!(soda, milk, etc)
5. If you're bored, or I creep you out, or f***ing whatever, tell me!
6. If I don't get a reply from you for a few days without any warning, I'm going to remove you.
7. I like playing girls with extra. If you don't like that, tell me~! Please.
8. I am okay with younger characters (17+) as long as the person playing them is 18+
9. I am not okay with getting penetrated by, or sucking off any sort of futa. -_-

Current tally of Guys that can't read: 8
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15 | Sep 15th 2021 07:48